As an individual and a citizen of the State, whether you are a permanent resident or a temporary working student of the State, a citizen should have a Social Security Card. A Social Security Card hasa 9-digit which is different from others. The Social Security Card is issued by the Government State, the Social Security Card is issued to all citizens of the State. A permanent residence of the State, or even just a temporary working student, as long as the name of the person is registered as an eligible residence of the State.

The moment the citizen or person receives his or her Social Security Card, he or she can have it for the rest of their lives. When the day of the citizen’s retirement has come, the Government State will check the number of years the citizen has worked and the lifetime earnings the citizen has. moreover, if you are a person with a disability you can receive a Social Security disability income. Your Social Security card is an important asset of you for the United States government to determine your eligibility and calculate your benefit payments. Here are the reasons why you really need a Social Security Card:

Hired for a New Job. Employers will ask for your Social Security card, for the accounting department of your company to report your income to the Internal State Revenue, your Social Security wages to the Social Security Administration and for the state income tax reporting.

Opening an Account to a Financial Institution.  The government has required banks to obtain each of their customers their Social Security Card, to check their credit, to report your tax-deductible mortgage and to manage your account.

Federal Loan. When you are applying for a federal loan, the government will ensure that you are eligible citizen or you have an eligible visitor statuses. They have to ensure also that you do not have any other federal loans you are liable.

For Public Assistance. The Social Security card is important since the federal or state government agencies use this to identify you and to ensure that the benefits you are about to claim are entitled to you.

Medicare, Driver’s license, and Passport.  The federal law requires you to provide your Social Security number during applications, if you do not have one, expect some delays during the processing of your application.

Tax Return. The government has to check your income report and the income your employer and bank have given to you.

Noncitizens are not required to have a Social Security Card.

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