What Should You Do About A Stolen Social Security Card?

Your Social Security number is required for countless important transactions. From getting a driver’s license to filing your taxes or applying for credit, a Social Security number is one of the primary ways of proving who you really are.

That is why it can be so devastating if your Social Security card is stolen. When someone gains access to your Social Security number, they can steal your identity. That means that they can use your name and Social Security number to apply for a credit card, rent an apartment, defraud a bank, or even submit false information to the IRS. All of these actions can reflect negatively back on you since it is practically impossible to prove that you weren’t responsible. After all, the person doing all of these things was using your name and your Social Security number.

Act Quickly After Stolen Your Card

When you are dealing with a stolen Social Security card, it is important to act quickly. Report the theft to the police. You should also contact the Social Security Administration to request a replacement card right away.

Unfortunately, there is usually no way to get a new Social Security number. Instead, you just have to do your best to mitigate the damage. Begin by contacting the three major credit bureaus and letting them know that your Social Security number has been stolen. They can put a fraud alert on your credit report that prevents creditors from issuing any new loans or lines of credit.

File A report Against Lost Card

You should also file a report with both the IRS and the Federal Trade Commission alerting them that your Social Security number has been stolen. Then, it is just a waiting game. You need to track your credit closely to monitor for any new accounts. If an account that you didn’t open shows up on your credit report, contact the creditor right away to let them know about the issue or visit at here:- www.application-filing-service.com.