Social Security Card Replacement In Michigan

How Should Residents Of Michigan Handle Social Security Card Replacement?

Social Security Card Replacement In Michigan

Does Michigan allow you to apply online for your social security card ? It would be a replacement card of course, not a new one, or one where you change your number or name. That is the first thing you need to check on for sure. To get the answer, don't Google it; instead pull up the SSA website alongside this article because I am going to provide you with steps to guide you through the process.

The SSA website has the answer about whether or not Michigan residents can apply online. A large group of states are included on the list regarding residents being eligible for filling out the online application. No matter what, you are able to access and print out forms. The only reason you would have to go to the social security office is if you are forced to verify your identity and that you are a US resident.

Traditionally, the process for verifying identity is handled by presenting your driver's license or state ID. There are other acceptable forms of identification as well. These days, however, times are changing, and people are allowed to handle more online in terms of dealing with the SSA. As a matter of fact, the SSA is wanting to do that, hence of course the change.

The SSA site will even prompt you to go green with them. It's not even a choice if you have an online account. They don't want to send you annual paper statements if you are good with having an account online. You can always call them if you have questions of course. You might also still get some correspondence from them in the mail, like the confirmation letter you're going to get after signing up for an online account with the SSA.

It is a very simple process, but there are security measures in place. Those are necessary of course so that you know your identity is safe. If those security measures weren't in place, anyone could simply sign up for a card under your name. That wouldn't be good at all. What you need to know is that you are going through those extra steps to ensure that your information is protected. What are the extra steps?

Well, it was mentioned that traditionally, you show your driver's license or state ID for identification purposes. You are going to need that number, as well as the issuance date and the expiration date. Simply having that information to input online, however, isn't a strong enough security measure. Anyone could have your information, so they have a two step identity verification process.

The SSA will ask you a series of five questions pertaining to your credit file. They can be identity questions and questions about your account. As a matter of fact, they are supposed to be a mixture of those questions. Answer those questions correctly, and you will have verified your identity. Then you move on to the last step. What's that last step.

As a Michigan resident setting up an online account with the Social Security Administration Office, you have a choice for the last verification method. You can either verify by phone, or you can choose to receive an email. I always say that I chose to do it the easy way by phone, but both are simple and secure verification methods. The only reason I chose to do it by phone outside of it being easy was that I know like everyone that emails can get held up or show up in spam folders.

That is exactly what happened. Of course, it's the SSA sending the email, so you are going to get it. It wasn't this email that got sent to my spam folder because I verified signing up for an online SSA account by text. It was my confirmation email afterwards and another email from them that got delivered as junk mail. It's certainly not junk mail.

You can verify however you like, but I did want to mention that you are going to be checking emails from them anyway. In hindsight, you might as well start now. After you handle this step, you can fill out the online application for a replacement card. When you go back to your online SSA account, you are going to see links for doing everything, like applying for a replacement card and checking out your benefits.

Your wages and benefits will be displayed right there plain as day. You need to then click on the replacement card application. If for some reason you were ineligible to apply online, you can of course go ahead and print out the form or forms to fill them out by hand and turn them in at the SSA office in your local area.

You are going to fill out the form though and get your replacement card online. This process, too, just takes a few minutes. You will be done before you know it. Then you will get confirmation that your application is being processed. Once you see that, you can check your email because you will see the same thing in an email. While you might not think that getting the confirmation by email is a big deal, it is in fact further confirmation. Plus, there is one more order of business that might prove a little beneficial to you.

You will be wanting to watch for that email about your application having been processed. That is important because it means that the SSA office has reviewed your application and will be sending out your card. Don't expect to get the email right away. However, the order of business and the reason for checking for the first email is to ensure correspondence from the SSA isn't showing up in your junk or spam folder. You can fix that problem right away so that you know the next email, the one about your application being reviewed, will show up in your regular inbox, alerting you that you are good to go.

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