What is a Social Security Card?

Social Security card is a special card which holds a nine digit social security number which is used for various identification and social security tracking purposes in the United States of America. All the citizens of the state, whether they are U.S citizens, permanent residents of the United States of America, or temporary/working residents of United States of America, are required to get a social security card. This social security number was initially meant to be a means to ensure the social security of the citizens of United States of America but this card is now being used for various identification purposes including the national identification for employees, students, credit card records, taxation, etc.

    Purpose of Having a Social Security Card

If are living in the United States of America, either permanently or temporarily, you would need to have a social security card. If you are someone who wants to apply for a job then your employer must require you to give your social security cards in order to verify your identification. If you are applying for a driving license, the social security card is a pre-requisite. Whether you want to apply for taking classes at any college, apply to get any type of insurance or Medical assistance, your social security number will be required everywhere.

    Requirements/Documents needed for getting a social security card

There are certain requirements which you need to fulfil when applying for a social security card. If you are a citizen of the United States, you are eligible to get a social security card. You will be required to present your birth certificate to verify that you are indeed a citizen of the U.S. If you cannot present a birth certificate then you will be required to a U.S hospital record or a religious record made before the age of 5 of your birth or a U.S passport. Children who are of 12 years old or older are required to appear in person for an interview to verify that they have not got a social security number. In addition to this, the proof of identity is also required for which you will be required to submit a U.S passport or a state-issued identification card, or a driver’s license. If you cannot provide any of these then your employee identification card, student identification card, United States military identification card or Medical Insurance card will be required to verify your identity. In short, you need to provide the proof of three things: your birth, your identity, and your citizenship.

    Time required for getting a social security card

If you have all the required documents, then you are required to fill out the application form and send it and present your original documents in an interview for verification. Usually, if you submit the application by hand to the office it would take not more than 5 minutes to get your application processed and you will receive your card in about 10 to 15 days. If you send your application via mail, you will get the card in about 10 days.