The loss of a social security card is indeed a very stressful and a very sensitive issue which needs to be addressed as soon as possible. In the past, there have been so many reports about identity theft because when you lose your social security card, the nine digits social security number which has been assigned to you cannot be changed. As the social security number is now used for verification purposes everywhere, it can be quite frightening to imagine the horrible possibilities.

There have been many cases where the social security card of a person was stolen and the thief used his social security details to access the person’s credit card and bank details and the person had to suffer from a bigger loss. Hence, to avoid such painful scenarios, one must take care of their social security number and card very seriously and keep it safe. A social security number must be guarded like gold or a diamond necklace or something expensive.

If your social security card has been lost, then you must monitor your credit card history or bank account history carefully to see if your social security number is being used by someone else and in that case you can contact identity protection authorities and report the identity theft.

In case one loses its social security card and wants to get a replacement social security card then he/she must be required to submit the proof of his identity, birth, and citizenship. All the documents provided must either be original or copies of the original documents which are attested by the respective document’s issuing agency.

First, you will have to apply to get the card replaced either online or by sending the application through mail or submitting the application by hand to a social security office present in your locality. Along with the application, some documents are also needed. The documents required are the same as needed when you care first applying for the social security card.

You will need to prove your identity using your state issued identification card, your driver’s license, your U.S Passport, or any other identification card issued by a recognized authority. You will also need to give proof of your citizenship or immigration status in case you are not a permanent U.S citizen. You will be required to provide your birth certificate or any document verifying your birth. All of these documents are required to be presented for verification and the individual himself needs to appear for an interview as well.

There is no social security card replacement fee. You can get three free replacements in a year and ten free replacements in total in a lifetime. The change of name or other exceptions is not included in this ten-year restriction. The process of getting a social security card replaced is not so time taking. It only takes about 300 seconds or 5 minutes to be exact, to get your request processed if you have all the required documents with you.