Have you ever lost an important document or piece of identification? It is easily one of the most frustrating aspects of life and can turn even the most well-mannered person into a frenzied monster! However, losing your Social Security card is quite possibly one of the most frustrating of all.

When You Need Social Security Card

While a replacement Social Security card is important it is quite possibly not one of the most essential pieces of identification to hold. In fact, as long as you know your Social Security number you should be fine for most normal tasks. Typically, the only time you need your physical Social Security card is when you are applying for a new job or trying to get a United States passport. So it is perfectly fine to take a short breath and realize life as you know it is not over.

Replacement is Free

Once you’ve filled out your application you will need to either return it by mail or bring it to a physical office. The application will be processed any new card will be mailed to you. However, there are some cities where you are able to replace your Social Security card using a my Social Security account. However, you will need to meet certain requirements to use this service. Keep in mind that it is always free to have a replacement social security card same day and you are able to receive 10 cards during your lifetime.

As you can say, at this time there is no way to receive a Social Security card on the same day. This is especially true with so many new security procedures in effect in government agencies. However, it is still quite an easy task and should not take you more than a few minutes to fill out a form to receive a new card.