Do you remember back in the day when if you changed your address with the post office, you were handed a moving guide that appeared when opened to be like one gigantic Christmas present? It wasn’t wrapped in decorative paper with a ribbon placed on top, but it was a thick envelope full of information about the area, free stuff, tons of coupons and of course direction to get yourself set up and feeling comfortable. Well you can forget that.

Online Change of Address

These days, not only do most people handle changes of address online, but they don’t even know that the moving guide packages exist. Let me tell you, they barely do. The more I try to explain the benefits of registering a change of address in person, the more I lean towards advising to do it online instead. How would you rather do it? It sure is easy just to follow the links and complete the entire process online in minutes.

Completely Safe Method

It’s just a change of address, but whether you want to handle it online or not, you will at least think of two things. One thing is if your personal information is to going to be safe. It is a government website, so you should be fine. I don’t think our information is going to be made available on WikiLeaks. In all seriousness, the other thing you will be thinking about is if it works or not. Moreover, it is also a quicker method even than getting in contact with USPS through phone.

You will know soon enough. It has worked for many others out there, so you would think it would work for you. If only it would work for me. I told my personal change of address fiasco story in another article. Yours should be just fine, so go for it. Either way, you have to get that change of address filed on time.

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